Terms & Conditions


1.) Compagny

These contractual general conditions will be applicable to the services provided by the entity TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL, with registered office at C/ Venezuela (ed Lumar), 2 – PTA 111, CP 38640 Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, with VAT number B76665421. (hereinafter, « TENERIFEAZ » or the « Company »), acting as a tourist intermediary with license number B76665421.

TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL is the owner of the website https://www.tenerifeaz.com, which is made available to customers for the purchase of products offered by the company.

For any communication with the entity TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL, the customer can contact the email address martin.macaigne@gmail.com.

Utilisation Conditions of the Website

2.) User

The user hereby declares that they are of legal age (in Spain, anyone over 18 years old) and that they have sufficient legal capacity to contract the products offered on the website, in accordance with the provisions of these general conditions. You also declare that you understand them in their entirety. The subscription to services offered by the website by minors or incapacitated persons will never be the responsibility of TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL, and their parents or legal guardians will be responsible for any expenses or damages caused.

The use and subscription to services offered by this website imply the user’s acceptance of all general conditions established by TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL, especially regarding the limitation of the company’s liability.

The user, before each contract and reservation of services offered by this website, undertakes to carefully read these general conditions, considering the possible existence of modifications to them.

The company considers that users who contract through its website comply with the legal requirements regarding the capacity to contract, and therefore assume that they are subject to the general conditions set out below:

a.) TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL is not responsible for any damages suffered by the user due to the use of this website, such as viruses or other harmful elements.

b.) Modification, duplication, reproduction, copying, distribution, or sale, and other possible forms of economic exploitation of the content of this website are strictly prohibited.

c.) The user agrees to use the services and content offered on this site in accordance with the law and the general and specific conditions of said services at all times, refraining from using them to:

  • Introduce software or applications into the network with the aim of causing damage to the company’s computer services, suppliers, or other users.
  • Engage in activities contrary to law, good faith, and customs.
  • Engage in any type of activity involving a violation of the legal system related to intellectual or industrial property or any other regulation.
  • Engage in fraudulent requests or contracts.

d.) Likewise, the User is responsible for providing their data correctly in the contracting processes of the services offered by this website, being responsible for their veracity, undertaking to communicate any modification thereof to TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL promptly. The company may exclude from registered services all users who have provided false data.

e.) TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL is exempt from any liability in cases where, due to force majeure reasons, it is impossible to provide the services contracted or reserved through its website.

f) TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL reserves the right to refuse or withdraw access to its website at any time, without prior notice, to users who seriously breach these general conditions or misuse the services and content published on this site.

Contracts and Reservations

By acquiring or booking a service on the website of TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL, the user expressly accepts the privacy policy of the company, as well as the terms of use and contract defined in this document and in the specific conditions of the service providers, subject to their compliance. This service is contracted directly with the supplier, with TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL acting only as an intermediary between the user and the service provider.

The service is provided by the service provider. For this reason, the user, when contracting, is also subject to the terms and conditions established by the suppliers for each service. The user accepts the purchase conditions established by the suppliers with whom they contract, including the payment of all amounts due and compliance with all rules and restrictions regarding the availability of rates, products, or services.

Since TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL acts as an intermediary, reservations made through the website will also be automatically communicated to the service provider.

After making the reservation, an email will be automatically sent to the user to provide proof of the reservation. If you do not receive it and after checking your spam folder, you can contact TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL to manually send you the proof of the reservation. It will be the responsibility of the service provider to indicate the need to print it.

In any case, the booking document will include the name of the company providing the contracted activity, as well as its contact details.

To avoid unavailability or limitations of any kind, it is recommended to make the reservation as far in advance as possible. The user will be responsible for any unlawful act that deviates from the completion of the activity of the reservation. If TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL considers that there is such a possibility, it will be entitled to cancel the reservation in question.

Likewise, the User agrees, when contracting through TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL, that it acts as an intermediary in the reservation and contracting of activities and services offered by the suppliers, not assuming the risk and chance of the operations. It is also not responsible for the information provided by the different suppliers.

4.) Reservation Modifications

Customers can modify the date of their reservation by reliable means, at no additional cost, provided that it is done at least 72 hours before the date of the reservation and there are available seats. For this modification, you can contact either the activity provider or TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL.

Tourist activity is affected by a multitude of unforeseeable circumstances (work, weather, politics, etc.) beyond the control of the company and its suppliers. These may modify the content of reservations (schedules, routes, etc.) due to unforeseen circumstances as long as there are justified reasons, trying to cause the least possible damage to the user.

5.) Reservation Cancellation

The cancellation of a reservation or contracted service is subject to the policies and conditions of the providing company. In general, up to 72 hours before the scheduled activity begins, the customer can cancel and the amount paid will be fully refunded. However, cancellation within the last 72 hours may result in fees or penalties that will be passed on to the user. In any case, cancellation within the last 24 hours entitles to no refund.

The provider may, however, cancel the reservation at any time due to force majeure, when there are situations that endanger the physical integrity of the contracting parties, proceeding to refund the amount paid without the user being entitled to any additional amount. In these cases, the provider will inform the user as soon as possible through the contact means indicated in their reservation. It is the User’s responsibility to be reachable by these means.

6.) Prices

The prices of the products and services offered by TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL will be those stipulated at all times on

our website and will be expressed in European currency (euros).

The prices indicated for each product include the Canary Islands General Indirect Tax (IGIC) and any other applicable taxes, but do not include any shipping costs or any other additional service to the purchased product or service.

The price of the product, applicable taxes, and shipping costs (if any) will be detailed at the time of purchase, so that the user can know exactly what each corresponds to.

Any price changes will not affect orders already placed by the customer.

7.) Limitation of Liability

TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL is not responsible for inconveniences, accidents, damages, or problems caused by force majeure or fortuitous events beyond the control of the company.

Some of the activities or services offered may require certain physical or psychological faculties, so it will be the user’s responsibility to inform the company or its suppliers of any medical condition that may pose a risk to themselves or others during the service, and TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL or its suppliers may refuse the reservation if they consider that there is a risk to the person or to third parties.

The user agrees to respect the established schedules for the proper provision of the contracted service. In case of delay or absence at the specified location, the company or its suppliers reserve the right to cancel the activity without any refund of amounts paid.

TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL or its suppliers are not responsible for any delays in the scheduled activity time in cases where the delay is due to circumstances beyond their control, such as adverse weather conditions, poor road conditions, or any other force majeure that, due to its unpredictability, cannot be listed in these general contract conditions.

TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings during contracted services, nor for personal or material damages, death, etc., when these are due to the fault of service providers, who will be responsible, as well as when damages are due to reckless behavior, without diligence or disobeying the instructions given by the activity staff. In cases where it is mandatory, providers must have liability insurance.

Likewise, in the case of adventure activities and extreme excursions, users accept under their own responsibility, at the time of contracting these activities, the possible risks that they and the minors under their care may incur in carrying them out. Therefore, TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL recommends to users, for more protection and security, to take out their own insurance policies to prevent and protect themselves against possible incidents, without prejudice to the guarantees offered by the suppliers.

The company is exempt from any liability regarding the service provision obligations that fall to the providers of these services, as well as any inconveniences arising therefrom. Service providers must have the permits, licenses, and insurance necessary for the exercise of their activities.

The user agrees to be responsible for the financial consequences resulting from any use of this website resulting from unauthorized use by a third party of the user’s personal and secret password of the TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL website.

TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL strives to update, maintain, and operate its website, offering the user this site as a tool to obtain products and services, but TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL cannot guarantee the absence of technical failures, the total security of the web service, or the operation of the latter 24 hours a day.

TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL provides through its website different information about products and services provided or offered by third parties, therefore assumes no legal responsibility for the lack of authenticity, fidelity, accuracy, and/or updating of the comments contained in the product offers and/or services offered on the website by the different product and/or service providers.

In any case, TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL assumes no responsibility for damages that may be caused accidentally, directly or indirectly, when purchasing a product or hiring a service offered on a website external to ours, due to the negligence of the provider of that product or service or any other cause independent of TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL. Similarly, TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL assumes no responsibility for third-party products and/or services that, even if offered on the TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL website, are not directly managed by us. The limitation of liability of TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL is that provided by the applicable legislation and, in particular, that concerning the sector regulation for tourist intermediation.

If, due to force majeure reasons (including those already mentioned, as well as social, political, or economic unrest, strikes, or any type of instability affecting the safety of citizens in general or the User in particular), there are deficiencies in reservations, confirmations, and/or the execution of any service contracted through TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL, and due to situations that are not foreseeable or avoidable by TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL or if it is impossible to comply with some of the agreed services, TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL and/or collaborating companies of TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL are excluded from any obligation of indemnification, in accordance with the current legal provisions.

8.) Applicable Law

The contracts concluded with the company TECHNOLUZDESIGN SL will be governed by these general contract conditions, as well as by the provisions of Title IV of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on services of the information society and electronic commerce, by the civil code and commercial code, and by other civil or commercial regulations concerning contracts, particularly regulations concerning consumer and user protection and business activity regulation.

9.) Dispute Resolution

In case of disputes or disagreements arising from the purchase of products on the website and for the resolution of any conflict, the parties expressly agree to submit to the jurisdiction of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Activity Schedule Change

Please note that if the activity you have chosen is fully booked, the chosen time or day may be changed. Our team will keep you informed via WhatsApp or email. If it is not possible for you to reschedule, then you will be fully refunded.

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